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Benjamin Grant

Artist, Best-Selling Author & Founder of Daily Overview
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Featuring breathtaking satellite compositions, Benjamin Grant takes audiences on an inspiring photographic journey and leaves us with a whole new way of seeing our planet, and ourselves.

As founder of the Daily Overview project, one of the most celebrated blogs on social media, garnering the largest following on Instagram of any brand with an environmental focus, Benjamin shares a story of humanity’s relationship to the Earth, and how a determined search for novel perspectives can shift our psychology, inspire greater collaboration, and stimulate visions for a better future. Since its launch, he has published the best-selling book Overview, and images from Daily Overview have been shown at exhibitions around the world. In October 2020, he published his most recent book, Time Lapse, a striking collection of satellite images of human impact on the earth.

Benjamin has made it his mission to bring the feeling of the Overview Effect to as many people as possible – that sense of overwhelming wonder at the vastness and beauty upon viewing a large portion, or the entirety, of the Earth all at once. Educated as a historian at Yale, he combines thorough research with a keen-eye and self-taught artistry to offer a thought-provoking perspective of life on Earth. 

With thoughtful storytelling and photography curation, Benjamin provides us with a new way to understand our impact on the planet. His story spans the worlds of art, technology, and environmentalism, and reminds us that if we believe in our ideas, stay open to new ones, and resolve to make a difference, we can rediscover just how small and endlessly beautiful our place is in the universe.

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