Frequently Asked Questions

The Planning Stage

Q: What does a speakers bureau do?
A: Think of a speakers bureau as the touchpoint between anyone interested in hosting a speaker at their event and a professional keynote speaker interested in receiving paid invitations from meeting and event professionals. A speaking agency like ours matches speakers with a wide range of business events, association meetings, employee training, college and university lecture programs, and board and executive meetings.

Keppler Speakers represents a full range of speaker options—from high-impact motivational speakers and business speakers, to diversity speakers, political experts, and women in leadership. A speakers bureau works closely with meeting professionals to help streamline the planning phase and simplify the process of searching for a speaker.

Q: The speaker I want doesn’t match the budget I’m working with. How can I find someone similar?
A: Fee ranges are a normal part of searching for a speaker, and the speaker who most quickly comes to mind may not be one that matches your fee range. When you have a clear idea of the type of presentation your event needs, your Keppler Speakers Agent can help you find a speaker who checks the box on your budget and knocks it out of the park on stage. If you’re not sure which type of speaker you’re looking for, contact us and let us put our expertise to work for you.

Q: Will I have the opportunity to connect with the speaker prior to my event?
Many of our speakers, or speaker's representatives, are available for a Briefing Call prior to each event. This gives you the chance to explain your event, your audience, and convey any details you feel would be helpful for your speaker. If that level of detail is necessary for your event, please be sure to include a Briefing Call in the contract that you coordinate with your Keppler Speakers Agent.

Q: Can I book a speaker for a virtual program?
A: Absolutely! Now more than ever, the importance of digital and virtual communication is being recognized by organizations around the world. Our expert agents will help connect you with speakers offering virtual programs to engage your audience wherever they may be. Every situation is different, so please contact us with details about your virtual event.

Q: The speaker that I’m looking for is not on your website. Do I need to look elsewhere?
Keppler Speakers partners with most every speaking agency for that very reason. Let your agent know who you are looking for and we will reach out to the representing bureau to secure that speaker for your event – all at no additional cost to you.

Speaker Logistics

Q: How do I coordinate travel and other logistical arrangements for my speaker?
A: Your assigned Event Services Manager will make all your speaker’s travel arrangements. Once travel arrangements have been finalized and confirmed, you will be provided with a detailed itinerary.

Q: In the event of inclement weather, will my speaker be able to get to my event?
A: Weather happens! Keppler Speakers prides itself on planning for the unexpected. So, in all kinds of weather our team makes every effort possible to get your speaker to the event, while keeping you updated every step of the way.

The Day of the Event

Q: I would like to have books available for my conference guests. Can I purchase books?
A: Book availability and pricing details vary by each speaker. If you are interested in purchasing books for your event, please make arrangement by contacting your Keppler Speakers Event Services Manager.  

Speaker Contracts and Agreements

Q: I signed a contract for a one-hour presentation; however, my boss would now like to add a 30-minute speaker reception afterwards. Is that possible?
A: Modifications can be made to a contract if the new requests are addressed in a timely manner. All contractual changes should be addressed with your Keppler Speakers Agent.

Q: Can I record video/audio of my speaker’s presentation?
A: Each speaker has their own parameters regarding the ability to record video or audio. Prior to the event, please check with your Keppler Speakers team on the specifics of including that in your speaker's contract arrangements. 

Getting Started

Q: What’s the first step?
Ask our team to help you get started! Just give us a call at (703) 516-4000 or email  

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