Futureproof your business with disruptive technologies

Innovations like blockchain and artificial intelligence are impacting how traditional financial models are being pushed aside by technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency. These tech-driven, customer-focused shifts are turning the financial sector on its head.

Linda Bernardi, a digital disruption specialist and former co-lead on IBM’s Watson team, is now helping financial services and financial advisor audiences futureproof their business by aligning their strategies with today’s consumer-driven “Know Me” economy. 

Linda’s keynote presentation encompasses how digital disruption is literally overhauling the mobile consumer’s banking expectations, as well as financial institutions, asset management associations, reinsurance, and the mortgage industry. 

As Chief Innovation Officer at IBM and Global Head of Strategy at ConsenSys — one of the world’s largest and most prolific blockchain companies — Linda is ideally qualified in how to help your organization leverage disruptive innovation.

See how to "Futureproof your Business."


Linda's Keynote presentation will:

  • Inspire your audience to feel comfortable with disruption
  • Empower them to futureproof their business
  • Help organizations and agents take a proactive approach to disruptive technologies

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