Futureproof your business with disruptive technologies!

Innovations like blockchain and AI are impacting how consumers secure coverage for cars, homes, and assets. These tech-driven, customer-focused shifts are turning the insurance sector on its head. 

Linda Bernardi, a former co-lead on IBM’s Watson team, is now helping insurance audiences futureproof their business by aligning their strategies with today’s consumer-driven “Know Me” economy. Discover how everything from on-demand insurance to a decentralized industry is influencing how customers interact with the process of buying insurance. 

As Chief Innovation Officer at IBM and Global Head of Strategy at ConsenSys — one of the world’s largest blockchain companies — Linda is ideally qualified helping your organization leverage disruptive innovation. 

See how to "Futureproof your Business."

Linda's Keynote presentation will:

  • Inspire your audience to feel comfortable with disruption
  • Empower them to futureproof their business
  • Help organizations and agents take a proactive approach to disruptive technologies

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