Dr. Sudip BoseHeadshot

Dr. Sudip Bose

Nationally Recognized Healthcare Expert and ER Doctor; Medical News Correspondent; Iraq War Combat Physician Who Treated Saddam Hussein; Bronze Star Recipient; Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

With lessons from the front lines of emergency rooms in the pandemic and combat zones in Iraq, Dr. Bose has an inspiring and motivational message for leaders in times of crisis and anyone struggling to return to “normal.”

As an Army battalion surgeon in the Iraq War, Dr. Bose was selected to treat Saddam Hussein after his capture and was awarded a Bronze Star for completing one of the longest combat tours by any physician since World War II. He’s been recognized as a “CNN Hero” and was named one of the “Leading Physicians of the World” by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals. An experienced and trusted health correspondent and a vocal advocate for improved health care for Americans, Dr. Bose appears frequently on network news programs including CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and FOX and on hit shows such as Untold Stories of the ER.

An expert on emergency and battlefield medicine, PTSD, mass casualty and disaster care, Dr. Bose translates complex health care topics and policies into plain language to explore the impact of trauma and periods of crisis on people’s physical and mental health. During the Second Battle of Fallujah, Dr. Bose provided medical care in the streets while being protected by overhead snipers. As an ER physician today, his ability to stay grounded and calm in the face of overwhelming circumstances is one that saves lives—and he believes it’s an ability that anyone can learn. With audiences, he shares the keys to performing and leading under pressure together with strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and burnout once the immediate crisis has passed. And he shows leaders and teams the importance of getting on top of our health and well-being now—so that we are more prepared and resilient when the next crisis comes—because it will.

As the Medical Director for City Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in West Texas, Dr. Bose orchestrates the area’s emergency response for ambulances, firefighters, and SWAT teams. Double board-certified in Emergency Medicine and EMS Disaster Medicine, Dr. Bose is frequently sought after for his expertise in preparing for and responding to public health and mass casualty incidents. From pandemics to mass shootings, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, hostage and other high-risk arrest situations, Dr. Bose can help communities prepare.

A serial entrepreneur, Dr Bose serves as a strategic advisor to Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Bose is the co-founder most recently of liveClinic.com and author of one of the most popular ER textbooks in the industry. He is also founder of The Battle Continues, a non-profit focused on veteran healthcare.

As the son of immigrants and a descendant of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, an Indian freedom fighter and contemporary of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Bose believes in fighting for the American Dream and protecting our most valuable asset—our health.

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