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Kaspar Villiger
Kaspar VilligerHeadshot

Kaspar Villiger

Former President of Switzerland and Former Chairman of UBS Bank
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President Kaspar Villiger equips audiences with the change-making insights and knowledge that organizations need to succeed in a complex and interdependent global economy. 

With a unique career that features stints as president & finance minister of one of the world’s strongest economies (Switzerland) and chairman of the board of one of the world’s most respected financial institutions, (UBS), Villiger combines his unique public and private sector experiences to expertly break down the relationship of business, politics and finance to the overall health of the global economy. 

As he surveys the most pressing economic topics of the day, Villiger exudes the wisdom of a world leader whose firsthand knowledge is indispensable for understanding how to balance competing interests while promoting open and free societies.

On stage, Villiger offers critical insights about the proper roles of regulation, taxation and innovation to spur economic growth, while examining the practical and moral limits of different economic systems. His talent for expounding difficult issues with clarity and relevance guides your organization as you chart its course through unpredictable times.

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