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Kim Lear

The generations and future of work expert leaves audiences inspired and equipped with the insight, research and knowledge they need to understand how cultural trends will impact business and their future.

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Kim Lear provides cutting-edge, highly-customized research and action-driven advice on emerging cultural trends to prepare organizations for the workforce and marketplace of the future.

A respected generational sociologist, Kim is founder and content director of research consultancy, Inlay Insights. With a deep understanding of millennial trends and generational dynamics, she is an authority on the emerging cultural shifts set to revolutionize how organizations engage employees and consumers. She is known for her ability to use data, storytelling, humor, and actionable takeaways to illuminate the trends that impact the bottom line of organizations.

Kim has shared her expertise with some of the most renowned companies in the world, including American Express, Best Buy, Cisco Systems, Disney, General Mills, LinkedIn, MasterCard, and Wells Fargo. She is currently mining research insights to identify how the experience economy and sharing economy impact our views on work, consumption, and community.

The quintessential researcher, trend spotter, and knowledge leader on human behavior, Kim mixes eye-opening statistics with stories and case studies to accentuate her points and bring her message to life. She leaves audiences with an enlightened perspective on leading in the connected era, the power connected consumers yield in the marketplace, and leveraging relationships to create change.

Generations & Future of Work Expert
Keywords: Generational Change; Corporate Culture; Diversity in the Workplace; Workforce Management; Relationships

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