Cybersecurity Speakers

Cybersecurity Speakers

Theresa Payton

From the White House to corporate boardrooms across the globe, Former White House CIO & Cybersecurity Authority starring on CBS’s TV Show, Hunted, Theresa Payton leverages her expertise at the highest levels of government and corporations in outmaneuvering the world's top hackers to reveal emerging trends and techniques to help combat cyber threats, from the impact of the Internet of Things to securing Big Data.

Theresa was a featured keynote speaker at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Sixth Annual Cybersecurity Summit, in Washington, DC. 

Michael Daniel

On the front lines of the most high-profile attacks of our time, Cybersecurity Advisor to President Barack Obama (2012–2016) and Special Assistant to the President, Michael Daniel sounds the alarm on key global security threats of the 21st century, and the necessary steps for managing your organization’s cyber risk.

At the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Sixth Annual Cybersecurity Summit, in Washington D.C., Michael was a featured keynote speaker.

Nate Fick

Nate Fick's years as a successful CEO of high-growth cybersecurity software company Endgame Inc. and entrepreneur, as well as his proven ability to link communication between the technology and corporate sides of business through his “turns the map around” approach to corporate hacking and data breaches, has never been more crucial. 

Nate offers a new lens through which to identify your most vulnerable assets and a new blueprint for protecting them.

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