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Brett King

Founder of Movenbank, the World's First Direct, Mobile-Only Bank; Fintech Expert; Bestselling Author and Futurist
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Brett King is a futurist, bestselling author and the founder of Movenbank, the world’s first direct, mobile-only bank.

Banking Exchange called him “King of the Disruptors.” American Banker named him Innovator of the Year. Voted the world’s #1 Financial Services Influencer by the Financial Brand, he is widely considered one of the experts on fintech and disruption in the financial services industry. Brett King is also a world-class thinker and futurist who has achieved widespread international recognition for his books.

King’s first five books focused on the evolution of banks as technology changed customer behavior and expectations. Bank 2.0 and its successors—Bank 3.0 and Bank 4.0—considered each wave of technological change and predicted the demise of checks and checkbooks, brick-and-mortar bank branch operations and in-person consumer transactions, themes he explored in detail in Breaking Banks and Branch Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Case for the Death of Branch Banking. As more and more consumers shift to online banking and expect access to digital-only transactions, King argues that ours will eventually become a cashless society, and he explores the potential of decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and the blockchain technology that powers them.

More recently, King goes beyond fintech to consider technology’s impact on other industries. His two most recent books—Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane and The Rise of Technosocialism—explore the next wave of AI-driven disruption, from self-driving cars, wearables, robots and AR to “smart” homes and cashier-free stores. He challenges audiences to consider how consumer preferences are evolving, how COVID accelerated those trends, and he explores the impact on the future of business and work as some industries and jobs decline and new ones emerge—in User Experience and Design, Smart Infrastructure, HealthTech, ClimateTech and more.

An Australian, King travels the globe speaking at events for some of the world's most recognized organizations, including Google, Microsoft, Oracle, The Economist, Forbes, American Banker, and the World Council of Credit Unions, sharing his disruptive and uncanny insights on the future of business, He has advised the White House on fintech policy and frequently consults with regulators and bank boards around the world on technology transformation. He is a frequently featured commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg, Banker, the Financial Times, the Economist and the Huffington Post.

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