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Peter Leyden

Futurist, Tech Expert, Strategic Foresight Advisor, Former WIRED Managing Editor & Serial Entrepreneur
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Peter Leyden made many radically optimistic predictions in WIRED magazine in the 1990s about a technology-driven “Long Boom” that would transform the global economy by 2020. He was right. Now the prescient futurist brilliantly explains the new technologies and megatrends that are coming in the next 25 years. 

As WIRED magazine’s managing editor and the author of two highly influential big idea books about the future—What’s Next and The Long Boom—Peter Leyden helped introduce the world to every stage of the digital revolution. His work inspired the generation of startup founders who rewrote the rules of business, ushering in the era of constant innovation that we are still reckoning with today.

A tech expert across multiple industries, Leyden now explains how we’re heading into not one but three inexorable, world-historic tech booms: in clean energy tech (like electric mobility), biotech (like genetic engineering) and still more infotech—driven by what will be ubiquitous AI. He explains how these booms will impact your organization, reshape cities, drive economic growth, improve lives and lead to a more sustainable world. 

A master of strategic foresight, Leyden worked closely with the pioneers of the futures business and he now works as a senior advisor to top companies like Autodesk helping them prepare for what lies ahead in many fields. He helps audiences connect the dots between key economic, social, political and demographic developments and see the big-picture trends shaping American and the world in the decade ahead.

A serial entrepreneur—the founder and CEO of two future-focused media startups from 2008 to 2020—Leyden understands firsthand how and why business has changed so dramatically. He offers prescient insights into how the 2020s will bring an unusual number of fundamental system changes, and then gives actionable advice on how leaders can make the paradigm shift in understanding these next systems, so they can make timely shifts in strategy.

A gifted storyteller, Leyden offers entertaining, high-energy sessions that combine humor and a can-do spirit with vivid, cutting-edge multimedia presentations backed by lots of data to share an optimistic, inspiring vision of the future. 

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