Captain Jim Lovell Headshot
Captain Jim Lovell
Captain Jim LovellHeadshot

Captain Jim Lovell

NASA Legend and Apollo 13 Commander
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NASA astronaut Captain Jim Lovell delivers an exhilarating firsthand account of one of the most famous and harrowing ordeals in space-program history, while sharing the leadership skills necessary to make any mission successful.

As leader of the Apollo 13 mission, Captain Jim Lovell uttered the famous phrase “Houston, we have a problem,” after an oxygen tank exploded inside the spacecraft. Under Capt. Lovell’s leadership, the crew returned safely to earth.

For his courageous spirit, Capt. Lovell was awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor and the Presidential Medal of Freedom and his pioneering role was immortalized by Tom Hanks in the blockbuster film Apollo 13. Earlier in his career, he was named TIME’s Man of the Year after his Apollo 8 mission became the first manned mission to orbit the moon.

On stage, Capt. Lovell draws valuable insights from his experience, outlining what it takes to lead in extraordinarily dynamic environments and the essential elements of heroism, including the need to ‘step into the problem,’ and take decisive action.

As Capt. Lovell describes the early days of space exploration and the Apollo program, audiences learn to appreciate the need for ambitious goals to drive progress forward in their own organizations.

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