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Carey Lohrenz

The First Female F-14 Fighter Pilot; Leadership and Team Building Expert; Author
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Fearless leadership is the key to your team’s ability to reach peak performance – that’s the fundamental truth taught by Carey Lohrenz, the first female F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot. Drawing from her experiences making naval aviation history in the high-pressure environment of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, Carey demonstrates how courageous leaders can lead teams to success.

Knowing your value, speaking up, and not flying under the radar—this is what fearless leadership is about. Carey Lohrenz

Carey maps out the major points of fearlessness – integrity, tenacity, and courage – and outlines how these factors can help teams overcome barriers, reduce errors, and excel under pressure.

She seamlessly connects her military experience with leadership in the business world. Carey draws a parallel between inconsistent execution by military leaders bringing catastrophic results and how the same tendencies can cripple corporate teams.

Carey maps out her philosophy on teambuilding in her book, Fearless Leadership: High Performance Lessons from the Flight Deck, which became a Wall Street Journal best-seller. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, she was a varsity rower who trained at pre-Olympic levels. After graduation, Carey attended the Navy's Aviation Officer Candidate School before starting flight training school and a career in the U.S. Navy.

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