Demetrius Harmon Headshot
Demetrius Harmon
Demetrius HarmonHeadshot

Demetrius Harmon

Popular actor, comedian, poet, and mental health advocate

Born and raised in Detroit, Demetrius taught himself graphic design in 3rd grade. By the time he reached 7th grade, he had used those skills to start a clothing brand that would eventually become his current clothing brand, "You Matter by Demetrius Harmon."

In 9th grade he started posting YouTube videos as a way to cope with a change of schools. He wants to share his journey in hopes of helping others cope with similar challenges, and to be reunited with happiness while battling depression. 

Demetrius won a Shorty Award in 2016 for his six-second short video uploads on Vine, and currently has 1.5 million followers on Twitter. He offers advice on life, the dangers of comparison, the importance of receiving support and giving it, as well as how important it is to trust in your heart and follow your dreams. His mantra is “defend your dreams, because they're all we have”.

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