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John Jacobs

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Optimist of Life Is Good
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John Jacobs illustrates the power of optimism to help you unlock creativity, foster a collaborative mindset, accept obstacles as opportunities, and build authentic brands. 

After several failed attempts to build an apparel company from the back of their van, John and his brother Bert struck a chord with their iconic Life Is Good brand, which is now sold on products in more than 4,500 retail stores and generates $100 million in revenue. As John recounts the company’s transformation, he delivers a compelling message about staying positive in a world where negativity runs rampant.

With self-effacing humor, he captures participants’ attention, while stressing the benefits of adopting a positive attitude. At the same time he gives practical advice for practicing gratitude, such as replacing the phrase “have to” with “get to” in everyday speech. John’s joyful, down-to-earth delivery helps audiences see that the best brands don’t have all the answers, but they do listen carefully to their customers. Participants leave with rejuvenated spirits, ready to open themselves to new possibilities.

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