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Robbie Bach

Former Chief Xbox Officer and President, Microsoft and Innovation, Leadership and Culture Expert
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Robbie Bach draws from his unparalleled career building the team at Microsoft that created Xbox to help organizations build resilient, innovative, and growth-oriented cultures in our competitive and rapidly-changing world.

As leaders, it’s our job to harness the winds of change to enable our companies to grow and our employees to prosper. Robbie Bach

Robbie Bach is a true practitioner of innovation and growth across numerous industries and company profiles. Whether he is operating in a fledgling business, a mid-sized growth company, or a Fortune 500 titan like Microsoft, Robbie offers real-world leadership tools and practical strategies to harness change, generate new ideas, and drive growth.

A 22-year Microsoft veteran, Robbie built and led the team that created Xbox—one of the most successful intrapreneurship ventures of our time—working alongside some of the most influential figures in tech (including Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer) and establishing himself as one of the world’s foremost practitioners of innovation and ingenuity. His “3P” strategic framework of Purpose, Principles and Priorities, BXT creativity paradigm, and Avengers theory of leadership provide valuable ideas for attendees at all levels in an organization. His focus on story-telling and concrete examples provides real-world tools and techniques that are especially applicable in today’s rapidly evolving, competitive marketplace.

In addition to his Microsoft experience, he is the co-founder of a rapidly growing food business, Manini’s, and has served on multiple for-profit boards including Sonos, Brooks, and Magic Leap. He has also provided strategic and leadership advice through his service on nonprofit boards such as Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Habitat for Humanity International, the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and the Bipartisan Policy Center.

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