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Kara Goldin

Award-winning Founder of Hint, One of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, EY Entrepreneur Northern California, YPO member, Author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller Undaunted

Kara Goldin knows what it’s like to build a business, and a new category, from nothing to something big. She is a resilient, inspiring and motivational leader and storyteller. The Founder and CEO of Hint Water motivates and inspires audiences to do what they set out to do IF they you are willing to conquer their own fears and doubts and think differently along the way. She’s lived her life undaunted and shares her incredible journey on how to do the same.

Sometimes if you think too much about the end, you will never get past the beginning. Kara Goldin

Kara is an accidental entrepreneur. She not only created a product and a company in one of the most competitive industries in the world, but also an entirely new category in the beverage industry.  Kara is a terrific, engaging storyteller that understands business and what it takes to scale a company. She understands branding, sales and marketing as well as supply chain and direct-to-consumer. And most importantly – what it takes to connect with today’s consumer in this ever-changing landscape. She is a no-nonsense disruptor who understands how to compete in a crowded space and innovate. Her fascinating story going from a successful executive in media and tech to starting award-winning company Hint is nothing less than inspiring.  

Want to spur innovation on your team? Figure out the mind of an entrepreneur? Motivate an audience to move past challenges or doubts? Kara is your speaker. 

This Is a rare opportunity to gain insights and proven advice from a talk unlike anything you’ll find in most speakers. It’s rare that we have an opportunity to have an existing CEO like Kara who combines real honest stories from her own life with observations that might just change how you think about your own. Her authentic, highly engaging, often humorous talk encourages all to think differently about what it really takes to stand apart from the others. She is excited to speak to audiences live or virtually.  

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