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Robert Stephens
Robert StephensHeadshot

Robert Stephens

The visionary entrepreneur behind Geek Squad helps you adapt to the era of digital disruption with a prospective and revealing examination of trends in business, technology and innovation.

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Robert Stephens stimulates a spirit of ingenuity with insights on cultivating creativity and innovation as well as how to identify and harness future disruptive trends.

With $200, a bicycle and a subsequent collaboration with Best Buy, Robert Stephens, founder of Geek Squad, transformed the small, cryptic world of tech support into an accessible, profitable commodity. Now, he is again disrupting business models through his latest venture, Assist, which revolutionizes the way businesses across industry sectors interact with consumers.

Robert takes audiences on a memorable journey as he shares his passion for entrepreneurship as well as his thought-provoking perspectives on advancing technology, effective branding, successful business strategy, and the next “big thing.” Take away proven tactics for fostering creativity and developing a culture of innovation within your organization, as he inspires you to generate fresh new ideas and originate creative solutions to succeed in any industry.

Geek Squad Founder & Former CTO of Best Buy
Keywords: Entrepreneur; Innovation; Emerging Trends; Artificial Intelligence; Blockchain

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