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Mark Jeffries

Former Merrill Lynch stockbroker turned author and meeting facilitator, Mark Jeffries, has become a trusted adviser and communications consultant to some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations. 

Recognizing his depth and intimate knowledge of event presentations, clients across virtually all industries now also turn to Mark as an event consultant, working alongside the production team to create an event with audience appeal, a memorable impact and an effective message. 

His list of clients includes IBM, Ernst & Young, SAS, HP, Zurich Insurance, Gartner, Microsoft, Royal Bank of Canada and Deltek & Bank of America.

A true all-rounder, Mark’s popularity stems from his ability to move easily from an experienced ‘MC’ to an incisive and knowledgeable facilitator, able to quickly master the intricacies of business within any industry. 

Economist, Former Stockbroker, TV host, Event Consultant, and Moderator
Keywords: Business; Entertainment; Moderator

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