Secretary Tom Price & Former Senator Tom Daschle Headshot
Secretary Tom Price & Former Senator Tom Daschle
Secretary Tom Price & Former Senator Tom DaschleHeadshot

Secretary Tom Price & Former Senator Tom Daschle

Two former policy makers from across the aisle come together to bring civility to America’s healthcare debate, and discuss solutions to our nation’s healthcare problem and the best path forward.

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It’s no secret that America is split by a partisan divide- one which can be summarized by left vs right. In the polarizing political environment of today, one of the most pressing and hot-button issues is that of healthcare reform. Unfortunately, the discourse of policy-makers on the matter is often infected with partisan and tribal approaches, which make it difficult to productively discuss and progress on the matter.

In this lively discussion, former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and former Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr. Tom Price help bridge the partisan divide, bringing a fresh approach to Healthcare and discussing how we as a nation can work towards a solution to functional healthcare reform.

Sen. Daschle worked very closely with President Obama, and is widely considered to have been one of the key visionaries of the healthcare reform movement that led to the Affordable Care Act. He remains one of the most influential individuals in Washington today, serving as a consensus-builder between industry and policymakers.

As the 23rd Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Dr. Tom Price has recently been at the forefront of health care policy and is a leading expert on health care in the U.S. He shares with audiences the major challenges facing our health care system, what works, and what doesn’t. His experience allows him to share a path forward for our system that will allow for both value and quality.

Health Care Policy Experts Secretary Tom Price & Former Senator Tom Daschle
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