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William Espey

Branding expert, William Espey—formerly the driving force behind Chipotle's unique brand voice—shares the innovative marketing approach that revolutionized an industry.

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William Espey, the award-winning branding veteran who was formerly the driving force behind Chipotle's unique brand voice, delivers best practices on the essence of branding, crisis management, and the power of creating lasting connections with customers.

When William started with Chipotle as its sole marketing creative, the company had less than 20 locations—he was instrumental in helping the brand flourish to more than 2,400 restaurants and counting in the U.S. and abroad. From customer-facing advertising and messaging to internal communications, he eschewed canned, calculated, and characteristically corporate approaches to marketing strategy, instead developing Chipotle’s award-winning brand voice organically, purposefully, and authentically, as a personal expression of the company’s unique values and culture.

Now, as a branding expert in the consulting space, William shares vital lessons on branding to help others develop a compelling and distinctive communication style that resonates with customers across all channels, platforms and campaigns. His innovative, non-traditional approach to marketing has revolutionized an industry, and now business audiences benefit from his insights on how to harness the power of a strong brand identity to build long-term customer relationships, and ultimately, drive sales and growth.

Branding Evangelist
Keywords: Customer Experience; Branding; Marketing; Crisis Management; Chipotle

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