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Howard Kurtz

Host, FOX News Media Buzz and Political Analyst & Best-Selling Author
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Howard Kurtz, today’s leading authority on journalistic accountability, takes you behind the political headlines and sound bites for an in-depth view of facts over fiction—and what role Washington warfare will play.

As host of Media Buzz for FOX News, Kurtz is on the front lines of the daily combat. His book, Media Madness: Donald Trump, the Press, and the War over the Truth, details how and why the media has established an openly hostile position in its coverage of the Trump administration, as well as eye-opening insights into key White House figures. In Kurtz’s no-holds-barred presentation, you’ll gain a sharper understanding of how today’s media environment shapes opinions on things like the 2020 Election and, ultimately, the resulting policies that will determine the future of your organization.

Kurtz’s distinguished career has also included serving as Washington bureau chief of Newsweek, host of the CNN program Reliable Sources, and New York bureau chief for The Washington Post. Media Madness is his sixth book on media affairs; he has also written for The New Republic, The Washington Monthly, and New York Magazine.


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