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Jodie Sweetin

Childhood Star of "Full House" & Star of Netflix Original Series, "Fuller House"

Jodie Sweetin opens up about her struggles with drug and alcohol addiction and her road to recovery, offering hopeful and empowering perspective about self-worth and summoning the strength to confront personal demons.

Best known for playing Stephanie Tanner on the ’90s sitcom “Full House,” Jodie has lived a life far darker than her sweet-as-pie TV personality. After the show’s final season, at just 13 years old, Jodie spiraled into a long and devastating cycle of drug and alcohol abuse and has emerged triumphant over its unyielding grip. She recalls her hard-fought journey in her memoir, “unSweetined.”

Now, more than five years sober and starring in the Netflix original series “Fuller House,” Jodie engages audiences with a refreshingly candid perspective of an addict’s struggles and triumphs, the vicious cycle of abuse and recovery, and strategies for finding the strength to deal with personal adversities. 

On stage, she disarms and enlightens as she shares raw and deeply personal experiences – often softened by humor –to help audiences understand the depths of the affliction and how rehabilitative therapy can save lives. A powerful model of resilience, Jodie inspires others to recognize the value of finding one’s self, leaving listeners empowered to overcome the obstacles they face. 

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