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Magie Cook

Latina Nobel Prize-winning entrepreneur who went from homeless to millionaire
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Sharing her extraordinary journey from impoverished orphan in Mexico to self-made millionaire to impactful philanthropist, Magie Cook inspires audiences around the world to face their biggest obstacles and achieve their greatest potential.

Magie Cook’s story captivates audiences around the world. From growing up in poverty in a Mexican orphanage with 68 other children and struggling with homelessness as a young adult, to creating a wildly successful salsa and dip line with an $800 investment and selling the company for $231 million, to returning to the very orphanage where she grew up to rescue dozens of Mexican children from the Cartel and sex trade—Magie’s journey shows how anyone can face adversity to achieve their greatest potential.

Delivering high-energy keynotes that integrate research-based data and inspirational storytelling, Magie provides strategies for organizations to optimize performance, improve employee happiness and well-being, and transform workplace cultures into more equitable, creative environments for leaders to grow. Her charismatic humor, vulnerability, and pragmatic approach for tackling the challenges of work and life energizes audiences and motivates them to see what’s possible when they shift their mindset towards success, resilience, resourcefulness, and relentlessness.

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