Terrence FloydHeadshot

Terrence Floyd

Social Activist, brother of George Floyd and Founder of WeAreFloyd organization

As Terrence Floyd once said, I am speaking for my brother. When Terrence speaks, he not only honors the life and legacy of his brother George Floyd who was murdered on May 25, 2020 at the hands of Minneapolis Police, but he uses his voice to uplift and galvanize a worldwide racial justice movement.

Since his brother’s tragic death, Terrence has served as a tireless community leader and grassroots organizer, sharing a message of unity, equality, criminal justice reform, and civil and human rights. 

Terrence is a board member on The George Floyd Memorial Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit committed to building a just and equal society and ending systemic racism against Black people in America. He is also the founder of We Are Floyd, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit dedicated to honoring the life of George Floyd through community service and leadership and providing young people of color hope for the future.

With a mission of giving youth in America reason to believe in a better tomorrow, Terrence shares proactive solutions for ending racial and structural inequality in ways that bring about real and lasting change. He poignantly moves audiences with his brother’s story and inspires younger generations to make a difference, know their worth, and realize they too have a voice and a purpose that needs to be heard.

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