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Anya Kamenetz

This acclaimed author and lead education reporter for NPR challenges established ideas about how we learn, work and live in the new millennium. 

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Anya Kamenetz offers a fresh take on the evolution of education and learning, with clear ideas about what reforms and actions are necessary to advance workforce training and reduce student debt.

She stoked the national debate on education and the unprecedented economic challenges young people face when she burst onto the scene at age 24 with her debut book, Generation Debt. Now, Anya continues to shape the dialogue around education, technology, assessment and achievement as lead education reporter for NPR and author of two subsequent books, including DIY U which prompted Huffington Post to name her an 'Education Game Changer.' Her newest book, The Art of Screen Time provides insight into how families can better balance their screen usage.

In vibrant presentations filled with insights based on her experience and research, Anya adeptly connects a range of seemingly unrelated issues to make you question everything you thought you knew about intelligence, achievement and success.

From advances in workforce training, assessment, and effectively identifying talent, to helping students understand and manage debt, and step up to become the next generation of leaders, Anya engages audiences with insightful perspective on the evolution of learning, education standards and reforms, and how to apply it all to advance one's purpose.

Educational Futurist, Lead Education Reporter for NPR & Acclaimed Author
Keywords: Education; NPR; futurist; Author; Journalist; Jewish

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