Gabby Giffords with Dr. Fabi Hirsch Kruse Headshot
Gabby Giffords with Dr. Fabi Hirsch Kruse
Gabby Giffords with Dr. Fabi Hirsch KruseHeadshot

Gabby Giffords with Dr. Fabi Hirsch Kruse

The former U.S. Congresswoman shares her inspiring story of resilience, joined by renowned speech pathologist Dr. Fabi Hirsch Kruse

The very personification of courage, optimism, and resilience, former U.S. Congresswoman Gabby Giffords shares her remarkable story on stage, joined by her renowned speech pathologist, Dr. Fabi Hirsch Kruse. 

Gabby Giffords’ story of perseverance and hope is unparalleled. The youngest woman ever to serve in the Arizona State Senate and a trailblazer in other offices, Gabby became a rising star on the national stage after being elected to the U.S. Congress in 2006. Revered for her exemplary public service, integrity, and bridge-building politics, Gabby was a beloved leader with an auspicious future. 

On January 8, 2011, the nation was shocked by the news that a Congresswoman had been the target of an assassination attempt during a meeting with constituents in Tucson, Arizona—a mass shooting that left six people dead and over a dozen more injured. 

Though Gabby survived the shooting, a bullet wound to her brain caused Aphasia, a speech and language disorder that affects many stroke and brain injury survivors. While her intellect wasn’t affected, it became difficult for her to translate thoughts into words. 

With near-daily therapy work and relentless encouragement from Dr. Fabi Hirsch Kruse—her speech pathologist and one of the country’s preeminent experts on Aphasia—Gabby has gone from only saying a few words to speaking publicly again. 

Today, Gabby shares her extraordinary story in person, with the help of Dr. Fabi. Appearing together in a fascinating Q&A presentation, the two are accompanied by clips from the critically-acclaimed 2022 documentaryGabby Giffords Won’t Back Down, a film which perfectly chronicles Gabby's grit and determination, and her triumph in the wake of tragedy.  

In this unique program, Gabby inspires audiences to overcome whatever barriers they may face, challenging them to live and lead with unwavering positivity. 

Gabby’s incredible bravery and strength have earned her the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award, and a place on TIME’s Most Influential People list, among many other honors. 

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