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John Foley
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John Foley

A Blue Angels pilot and business management consultant, he shares tactics for achieving unprecedented levels of organizational excellence.

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John Foley inspires your organization to become a model of teamwork and achievement, as he reveals the practical strategies used by elite groups to create cultures of excellence.

John spent his early career as a lead solo pilot in the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels, where he learned to perform consistently as part of a close-knit team in high-stakes environments. Now he shares an inside look at the group’s methods to equip you for the journey to continual improvement. He is also the founder & CEO of John Foley Inc. and CenterPoint Companies, which provides training on the How of High Performance.

On stage, video footage from John’s flights accompany thrilling stories about flying inches apart at 500 mph, while he offers valuable lessons about the importance of preparation and communication to lasting success.

With a message that emphasizes commitment, discipline and trust, John provides concrete tools for identifying and closing performance gaps. He captivates audiences with his contagious enthusiasm and ability to translate complex challenges into simple terms, motivating audiences to push beyond what they think is possible.

Former Blue Angels Lead Solo Pilot
Keywords: Blue Angels; Sales kickoff; Peak Performance; U.S. Navy; Entrepreneur

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