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Phillip Stutts

Award-winning political and corporate marketing expert; AI and data research sales strategist
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Sharing his simple, proven 5-step strategy that gets U.S. presidents elected and generates record sales for Fortune 200 companies, Phillip Stutts—branded a “marketing genius” by FOX Business—helps audiences unleash the power of big data and AI for exponential growth.

There is no doubt, we are in the most tumultuous period in the history of our economy, and all businesses are being impacted. AI and big data have transformed the marketplace, and our sales and marketing teams must catch up.

How can AI and research data help us anticipate customer behavior? How can we ensure that AI and data-driven sales and marketing campaigns resonate with our target customer or client—and don't come across as intrusive or creepy? What level of investment is necessary to implement a data and AI strategy, and how can we grow our return on investment?

Few business leaders possess the expertise to answer these questions and guide us through this disruptive landscape as effectively as Phillip Stutts. A political and corporate marketing maverick whose work has resulted in over 1,535 election victories—including three U.S. Presidential victories—and has generated over $1 Billion in sales for Fortune 200 companies and small businesses alike, Phillip Stutts helps us understand how AI and data research can powerfully transform our sales and marketing.

On stage, Phillip shares his 5-step Undefeated Marketing System, providing audiences with clear, actionable take-aways they can apply immediately. Using humor and real-world examples, he explains how businesses can leverage AI and data for predictive analysis, revolutionize lead generation, and maximize efficiency and ROI.

Trusted by some of the world’s most influential leaders and businesses, interviewed frequently on major media outlets, and the author of multiple bestsellers including The Undefeated Marketing System, Phillip Stutts is the ultimate navigator to guide businesses through the uncharted territories of resilience and transformative growth.

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