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Dr. Krista Geller
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Dr. Krista Geller

The international expert in human performance shows how focusing on more than just workplace safety can create a new culture of well-being. 

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Dr. Krista Geller, author of the new book, Actively Caring for People’s Safety, reveals the keys to an effective safety culture and better understanding of human performance. When it comes to employee safety, Krista is a leader who helps companies go beyond simply caring to become truly proactive.

Dr. Geller is a human performance and behavioral psychology expert, teacher and trainer with more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in behavior-based intervention, the integration of scientific research with current industry context and providing insights about transformational leadership. She’s counseled OSHA, as well as large multinationals like BP, Shell and Exxon.

In Krista’s conversations with thousands of employees in the corporate world, it's clear to her that no one wants to see anyone injured on the job. This is caring. Yet, when asked to muster the courage to say something to a peer who is working at risk and could be hurt, the majority admit they do not act on their caring by giving their co-workers corrective feedback. Thus, these employees do not actively care. They don’t go beyond their intrinsic or natural caring to take proactive steps. Krista brings new insights that address this issue and transform company cultures.  

In addition to her keynotes, Dr. Geller expands each of her topics into breakout sessions and one- to three-day workshops on implementing, rolling out and sustaining observational safety programs in your workplace.

Safety and Behavioral Psychology Expert & Author of Actively Caring for People’s Safety
Keywords: Workplace Safety; Behavioral Science

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