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Joe Tripodi

Legendary Six-Time Chief Marketing Officer of Iconic Brands like MasterCard, Coca-Cola, Subway, Seagram’s, and Allstate
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Joe Tripodi is a business rarity: a sought-after six-time CMO and the visionary mastermind behind iconic-brand turnarounds like Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Subway, and Allstate. Joe is the leader many of today’s marketing icons point to as their inspiration.

On stage, Joe encourages boldness in marketing and advocates for organizations to proactively manage networks on a global stage. He discusses the transformation of customer engagement and the importance of reaching customer networks through digital platforms. Joe takes audiences inside his industry influencing initiatives like Mastercard’s “Priceless” campaign and the “Open Happiness” commercials of Coca-Cola. He offers clear steps organizations can take to develop global customer care, drive business growth, strengthen brand loyalties, and successfully motivate a workforce.

Drawing from perhaps the industry’s most impactful marketing career, Joe details the development of world-class teams that consistently outperform the market. He offers details on how his Total Touchpoint Transformation reimagined the business, the brand, and the culture of Subway, the world’s largest restaurant chain. 

Joe Tripodi’s message incorporates collaborative teamwork, organizational innovation at all levels, and an understanding that the best marketing is often done locally. His insightful tips help organizations stay relevant in today’s highly competitive, cross-generational global environment.

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