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Dawn Porter

Gain an eye-opening look at mass incarceration in America from this attorney and award-winning documentarian who inspires commitment and passion to pursuing worthy causes. 

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Through powerful storytelling, Dawn Porter exposes the deficiencies of the criminal justice system and how racial discrimination undermines the nation’s economic and social prosperity.

Dawn expertly illustrates the consequences of mass incarceration by telling the stories of those most affected. Her award-winning documentary, Gideon’s Army first tackled the subject by featuring three young public defenders dedicated to challenging the assumptions that drive a criminal justice system strained to the breaking point.

With stories from her second film Spies of Mississippi,” Dawn also expands your knowledge about the history of racial segregation, revealing how the state of Mississippi formed a secret spy agency to maintain white supremacy. 

Her project, Bobby Kennedy For President, is a four-part documentary film that traces Robert Kennedy’s transformation for justice, his daring run for President, his shocking assassination, and its questionable aftermath. Using long-forgotten archive and first person interviews, we experience Kennedy’s inner conflict and evolution, relive the impassioned divisions of the 1960s, and explore the legacy of a political murder that changed the course of history.

On stage, Dawn’s passion inspires audiences to look directly at the challenges plaguing the justice system and consider what they can do to advocate for meaningful civil rights reform and to truly make ‘justice for all’ a reality. Simultaneously, Dawn deftly reminds audiences to pursue the truth in every endeavor and actively engage in the causes they care most about.

Criminal Justice System Reformer, Attorney, and Gideon's Army Filmmaker
Keywords: Mass Incarceration; Attorney; Documentarian; Judicial Reform; Civil Rights

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